The Kremlin tried to supplement the losses with separatists from Lugansk. The offensive weakened because … they refused to continue the fight

The HEI points out that it is unable to independently verify the information about the refusal to fight by some LPR soldiers, but it reflects a greater trend of the self-proclaimed republic’s decreased involvement in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

This trend is particularly threatening to Russian troops trying to recruit more soldiers from the Luhansk region to replenish recent losses. Further divisions within the Russian-led forces also threaten to weaken the effectiveness of Russia’s war effort.
– experts assessed.

The American think tank reminds that previously similar complaints were reported by units from the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic when they fought in the Luhansk, Kharkiv and Kherson regionswhich may indicate that troops from Russia-controlled self-proclaimed republics do not fully support the Kremlin’s far-reaching invasion plans.

Meanwhile, on the front, Russian troops tried to carry out several limited land attacks to the northwest of Slavyansk, conducted offensive operations in the vicinity of Siewiersk and Bakhmut, as well as near Donetsk. They also conducted a limited-scale land attack north of Kharkiv. The Russian authorities in the occupied areas of Ukraine continued preparations to include these areas in Russia, the report added.

Source:, PAP

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