The Kremlin is finding new clients. Russian oil will be bought by Myanmar

  • Myanmar (Burma) buys Russian oil, which it considers to be cheap, high-quality raw material
  • In the last week, gas stations in some parts of Myanmar were closed due to lack of fuel
  • Russia and Myanmar strengthen ties as they grapple with challenges in the international arena
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“We want to buy high-quality fuel at a low price from a country where we can get it quickly,” said a spokesman for the Myanmar army, Zaw Min Tun. He added that military chief Min Aung Hlaing made a deal with Russia during a trip to Moscow in July.

Myanmar has been under military control since the civilian government was overthrown in the February 2021 coup d’├ętat. Since then, the junta has come under US and EU sanctions. More than a year after the coup d’├ętat, the country is still shaken by social protests.

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