The key bridge blown up. It connected Kherson with the occupied territories [WIDEO]

The key bridge blown up. It connected Kherson with the occupied territories [WIDEO]

According to the Ukrainian service UNIAN, the bridge was probably blown up retreating Russians. Konstantin Ryzhenko, a journalist from Kherson, informs that the bridge was blown up by the Russians with the help of mines. “Judging by the nature of the damage, the Russians blew it up. You can’t do that with artillery,” he writes.

The video with the destroyed bridge was also shared by Russian propagandist Alexander Kots. He says that two spans of the structure have collapsed. There is currently no evidence that the Russians managed to cross the left bank of the Dnieper.

The Antonowski Bridge is a crossing over the Dnieper River, located east of Chersonia, which is an important object from the point of view of military logistics. It is one of the two road crossings across the Dnieper which enable Russia to supply or withdraw its forces in the occupied territory west of the river. Late in the evening on Thursday and at night, social media, including Ukrainian channels on Telegram, informed, inter alia, about the shelling of the bridge.

The general staff of the Ukrainian army confirmed the liberation of 12 localities in the Kherson direction, giving their names. According to unconfirmed information, there are many more places in these places.

In the information published on Friday morning, the general staff confirms the liberation of the following towns: Dudczany, Piatichatki, Borozenske, Zadok, Bezwodne, Iszczenka, Kostromka, Krasnolubeck, Kałyniwske, Bobrowa Kut, Bezimenne, Błagodatne.

More information under the video:

Military operations around Kherson are ongoing. The staff points out that the information about the liberated localities is deliberately confirmed with a delay, due to the “safety of the operation”.

DeepState analysts (, who verify information on the presence of troops in individual localities, using publicly available data and contacting their residents. According to them, it is possible to speak of the liberation of nearly 30 towns.

Source: UNIAN, PAP

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