The International Monetary Fund calls for an end to the war in Ukraine. Russia blocks the communication

The International Monetary Fund almost unanimously called on Russia to end the war in Ukraine. However, Moscow blocked the issuance of a joint communiqué. Earlier this week, a report was released which showed that the world is on the brink of recession.

The countries of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) almost unanimously called for an end on Friday wars in Ukrainewhich they called the most important cause inflation and the economic slowdown in the world. Nadia Calvino, Minister of Economy Spainshe said at a press conference that Russia blocked the issuing of a joint message again.

The members of the Fund adopted a position on the war during the meeting of the IMF and the World Bank held in Washington.

Report: a world on the brink of recession

The Fund’s report was released on Tuesday, claiming that the world is on the brink of recession and that the health of the global economy has deteriorated significantly over the past six months. Chief economist of the IMF Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas stressed that the serious consequences of the war were on Ukraine a burden to the global economy.

Head of the IMF Kristalina GeorgievaSHAWN THEW / PAP / EPA

Last week, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said that global economic growth by 2026 would be $ 4 trillion less than predicted as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drastically changed the outlook for the global economy.

Main photo source: SHAWN THEW / PAP / EPA