The incident in the Atlantic. A Russian submarine spotted off the coast of France

“In September, the Normandie frigate accompanied a Russian submarine in the Bay of Biscay,” the French Navy wrote on Twitter. She also posted recordings of the action of “escorting” the Russian vessel out of European waters in cooperation with ships from Spain and Great Britain.

The newspaper “Le Telegramme” states that the incident occurred on September 29, about 100 km off the coast of Brittany. The submarine could be seen thanks to its emergence. It is not known whether this was the result of technical problems or an openly demonstrative action.

“Le Figaro”, in turn, is reminiscent of the statement by the French defense minister in 2017. Jean-Yves Le Drian warned then that Russian submarines were now approaching the coast of Brittany, with a frequency that “we have not seen for a long time”.

Novorossiysk belongs to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The unit left the shipyard in 2014 and is one of a series of six submarines of the project 636 “Warszawianka”.

According to data provided by, the ship is 73.8 m long and 9.9 m wide. It can descend to a depth of up to 300 m and reaches a speed of 17-20 knots. It can swim continuously for 45 days. The crew consists of 52 people, and the main weapons are rockets “Caliber” and 533 mm torpedoes.