The Hu and the history of the former Mongolian power. A musical phenomenon in the B90

The Hu and the history of the former Mongolian power. A musical phenomenon in the B90

The Hu it’s a phenomenon. The popularity that fell on the band came as a surprise to the musicians themselves. However, their music is great – both on CDs and live. The best example of this was the Friday – sold out – concert in B90. The Mongolian band may not have come up with gunpowder, but they played in such a way that those who managed to get a ticket will remember the performance for a long time.

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When The Hu was founded in Ulaanbaatar in 2016, none of the members even thought about such a career. Of course, they did not hide the fact that they wanted to be recognizable, but what they achieved exceeded their wildest expectations. Each of the musicians has a thorough education obtained at the conservatory. One of them – Jaya – is even a lecturer. And you can hear it.

The sound is perfected. Just like the vocals. The Hu uses the traditional Mongolian overtone chöömej in his work. What is overtone singing? It is commonly known as a guttural – it is somewhat reminiscent of a resonating wheezing. Probably no other nation has mastered this technique to such a degree. There are also traditional instruments such as cuur (recorder) or morin chuur (stringed instrument).

The music they perform is probably best described by the term folkmetal. When in 2019 it was released debut band’s album, for unspecified reasons two songs gained worldwide fame – “Yuve Yuve Yu” and “Wolf Totem”. The latter even got an English version with the support of Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach.

The Hu show how to make your country’s culture famous. These types of connections, as well as the beating pride in history and origin, are very intriguing and intriguing at the same time. In their work they refer to the ancient empire of the Huns, the former military power of Mongolia, Genghis Khan, and also use Mongolian war cries. Some compositions would be perfect as a soundtrack in a popular series or a blockbuster film production.

We got it all on Friday at B90. The Shipyard club was not so full for a long time. It was hard to move, and this has been a very rare sight in recent months. In this case, however, the audience knew very well why and what they had come for. Most of the audience were mature listeners who expect the best musical quality from the concert, not pointless fireworks. Therefore, there was not much madness (a bit in front of the stage), but a lot of respect for the artists.

Really, it’s been a long time since I have been to a concert where I would have seen the audience so engrossed in what is flowing from the speakers. This is a phenomenon that is not so common, but it is certainly pleasant – you listen to music differently in such company. It’s hard to explain, but I think those who filled the Shipyard club on Friday know exactly what I mean.

And The Hu felt it. They didn’t say much, mostly thanked them and were delighted to be welcomed. They came to play. And that’s what they did. On the highest level. Because it cannot be considered in the category of a show – the band has not yet grown up to this rank – although the play of lights was very attractive.

It was one of those concerts where nothing but music was important. And today it’s not so obvious – live performances often don’t have much to do with “live” or “gigs”.

The Mongolian band is a phenomenon as I mentioned. And it is in such categories that it should be considered. From time to time you come across a formation or a soloist who grabs the masses with his approach to art. This is the definition of The Hu.


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