The HEI points out Russia’s mistakes. Kremlin command “unprepared”

Analysts draw this conclusion from the reactions of Russian war bloggers to the successes of the Ukrainian attack in the region of Balaklia in the Kharkiv region. Until now, bloggers have mostly “supported the narrative of the Russian defense ministry that the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Kherson region has been completely unsuccessful,” reminds the Institute of Internal Affairs. Now some of them are criticizing the Russian command for not preparing for the impending counteroffensive.

The mistakes of the Russian narrative

“The change in the way bloggers evaluate Russian progress in Ukraine may be due in part to errors in the Russian campaign information during the war “- believes the TI. One of such errors is the attitude of the Russian defense ministry, which is unable to cope with sudden operations by Ukrainian forces. This is because the ministry based its information strategy on presenting the invasion” as an easy and flawless operation “As the ISW notes, this contributes to a lack of knowledge about the actual situation, both in the Russian media space and in the Kremlin.

“The Russian defense ministry needs quite a long time to build and disseminate false narratives in the Russian information space. Before the long-awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south, the Kremlin and the defense ministry have been successful in this,” the TIA indicates. However, for the Ukrainian operation in Kharkiv Oblast, the defense ministry was unable to prepare such a narrative.

The ISW compares the current criticism among bloggers to the events of May this year, when the Russian troops failed to cross the river in BiƂohorivka in the Luhansk region. The significant losses suffered by the Russians due to incompetence at that time “shook the faith of pro-Russian war bloggers,” reminds the ISW.

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