The head of the NBP says when inflation will drop below 10 percent.

In Glapiński’s opinion, we will achieve single-digit inflation “probably only at the end of 2023”. “The government has not announced it yet, but it is possible that the anti-inflationary shield will still be in place by the end of next year and that its withdrawal will be gradual. “

From March 2022, annual inflation in Poland is double-digit, while in July it was 15.6 percent Inflation is much above the NBP’s target of 2.5%. with the possibility of deviation by 1 percentage point. Meanwhile, core inflation, excluding food and energy prices, was 9.3%. Lately in an interview for “Super Express” the NBP governor predicted that inflation would return to the upper limit of the inflation target, ie to the level of 3.5%. only in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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