The Grupa Azoty Group temporarily shut down some of its installations due to high gas prices

The Grupa Azoty Group, the largest chemical concern in Poland, has decided to temporarily shut down the plant for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, caprolactam and polyamide 6, according to the company’s announcement. The plants in Puławy reduced the production of ammonia to about 10 percent of production capacity and suspended part of production in the plastics and agro segments.

The decision of the Grupa Azoty Management Board was made in connection with the extraordinary and unprecedented growth natural gas prices. The Grupa Azoty Group continues the production of catalysts, polyamide casings, humic acids, thermoplastic starch and concentrated nitric acid.

In turn, Zakłady Azotowe Puławy (part of Grupa Azoty) continues the production of ammonium sulphate from flue gas desulphurization installations, NOXy, Likam and Pulnox.

Grupa Azoty has temporarily stopped its work

The Grupa Azoty Group announced that during the announced shutdown of production facilities, investment and renovation processes will be carried out, including the previously planned major renovation of the polyamide installation.

The company’s management board indicates that the current situation on the natural gas market, determining the profitability of production, is unique, completely independent of the company and was not predictable.

Natural gas prices continued to rise on the exchanges on Monday, reaching historic highs. During the day, benchmark gas contracts in Amsterdam (ICE Entawex Dutch TTF) were valued 18% higher. – a record-breaking EUR 292.50 per MWh.

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