The groupies were a hit. One lost her virginity to Bowie, the other seduced Jagger

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Historically, the groupie culture developed in the 1960s, caught on in the 1970s, and continued for another decade. Cameron Crowe brilliantly captures the charm of rock muses in “Dawn of Fame” through the character of Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson.

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“I always tell girls never to take it seriously,” the blonde explains at one point in the film. “If you never take it seriously, you’ll never get hurt. If you’re never hurt, you’ll always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, you can just go to the record store and visit your friends,” she adds.

Many of the true groupies have songs in their honor, others have encouraged musicians to take risks. In a few cases, they provided valuable comments about the works, completely changing them. Although their relationships with celebrities most often ended in a broken heart or a tragedy – drug addiction and death were not uncommon, several beauties had a happy ending.

Cynthia "Caster patch" AlbrittonMick Hutson / Getty Images

“I was a shy, flirtatious girl who wanted to count on sweet British boys with long hair and tight pants,” Cynthia told Rock Scene in 2012. “But I was far from experienced or seductive, and the only way I could become to get to the struts, there was a joyful lifestyle “- she explained.

Cynthia "Caster patch" AlbrittonEdd Westmacott / Getty Images

The young rock fan decided to meet the musicians by offering to perform the forms of their … erected members. Her first “target” was Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders and although the plaster mix did not work, Albritton lost her virginity with the singer. Then she invited Jimi Hendrix, Wayne Kramer from MC5, Gene Simmons from Kiss or Pete Shelley from Buzzcocks to “cooperation”. Cynthia went down in history as an inspiration for “Plaster Caster” of the aforementioned Kiss and “Five Short Moments” by Jim Croce.

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