The government wants to freeze more prices. The costs will be enormous

“The government has already announced a strategy to protect against energy price increases, but at the same time is working on similar solutions for gas. According to our information, two scenarios are considered here. One is a limited increase in tariffs. The second is to freeze the tariff to a certain level of consumption” – writes Tuesday’s “DGP”.

As the daily adds, the problem is that “the costs of these solutions, estimated at PLN 30 billion in the case of electricity, are much higher in the case of gas”. Mainly due to fluctuations in the blue fuel market.

According to the newspaper, the government is also preparing mechanisms that will lead to a reduction in energy prices – both on the market and for individual customers. This week, the government’s work list may include a bill aimed at implementing last week’s announcements by Prime Minister Morawiecki with a fixed price for electricity up to a limit of 2000 kWh per year (with exceptions where it will be 2600 kWh, e.g. in the case of households with disabled people).

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