The government protects the wasters? Hardly anyone saves heat in apartment blocks

The government protects the wasters? Hardly anyone saves heat in apartment blocks

I myself am renting a studio in a block from 1980. The apartment is facing south and is unfortunately quite warm, especially on the 8th floor. I have radiators twisted to zero – all year round. I unscrew them only when there is information / a request for it during the initialization of the heating season to prevent possible baking. However, they are rather twisted to zero. Why? First of all, as I wrote – an exhibition of windows facing south, a one-sided apartment. Second, my neighbors living around (left, right, above and below me) are totally crazy about heat. When the temperature outside drops to about 8-10 degrees at night, you can already hear the radiators turning on. It’s kind of funny because they do it even when the network isn’t up yet haha, it’s kind of a pop * fucking mentality. Unfortunately, when the network starts working, my apartment overheats. I do not know how these people are able to function in such heated apartments … In this situation I am forced to leave the windows open almost all day. This is not a good approach, because in this way I also indirectly lower the temperature of neighboring apartments – but I have no other choice. When I close the windows in the early evening – the humidity in the apartment drops very quickly and the temperature rises to 26-28 degrees. It is impossible to live like this. I use a non-stop working humidifier at night and get up twice to open the balcony and kitchen windows to the maximum – in order to ventilate the apartment. I plan to move next year. It is impossible to live like this in the long run.

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