The government has already decided: there will be an end to paper receipts. The cash register will send a text message to your smartphone, now you can download the QR code [16.09.2022]

E-receipts are to be common and completely replace the paper ones that we now receive from sellers at the end of the transaction. This will make it easier for the tax authorities to fight the shadow economy, control expenses and manage the home budget. For everyone – savings in paper expenses, indirectly also facilitate the reduction of the carbon footprint, and thus contribute to positive climate change. The first step has already been made and we can easily get a receipt in many places in the digital version thanks to QR codes. How it’s working?

According to the plans of the Ministry of Finance regarding the introduction of e-receipts, the use of this innovation is to be voluntary for both stores and buyers. After the expected entry into force of the relevant regulation, the software of several hundred thousand online cash registers operating in Polish stores will require the necessary updates, which will probably take some time. Logistics are also a challenge. Before digital receipts become the only ones that are legal, the Ministry of Finance has already implemented the e-receipt application and encourages you to use it!

The digitization of our lives is inevitable. Although it gives tangible benefits, it requires investment at the outset. This is one of the barriers through which the process often does not progress as fast as might be expected. The second is our mentality – no one likes change, even if the outlook for its consequences is favorable; we are simply concerned about the risks associated with changes, including even the unconscious fear that we will be able to deal with.

Therefore, certain changes, also in the field of digitization, must be initiated or accelerated administratively. This is the case with the move away from printed receipts. Enormous benefits, especially for the environment, but also for the tax authorities – it is easier to control what is digital, available online in real time, and not a printed, much easier for forgery or deformation, material document.


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