The Germans made a decision. They will send powerful weapons to Ukraine

In the near future, Germany will send Ukraine modern IRIS-T SLM anti-aircraft systems from Diehl Defense. The first batch will be delivered by the end of this year, and the next one – in early 2023.

In total, Ukraine will receive four IRIS-T SLM missile systems. The information about the deliveries was provided by the German ambassador to Ukraine, Anka Feldhusen. Recall that Berlin announced the delivery of these kits in Junebut then no details were given about the dates and number of deliveries. Let’s take a closer look at the capabilities of the IRIS-T SLM.

A modern missile system in Ukraine

The system to be handed over by the Germans is used to counter targets at short distances (40 km away and at altitudes of up to 20 km). Originally, the IRIS-T were designed as air-to-air missiles to replace the American AIM-9 Sidewinder (land versions were also developed over time). Their construction program began in the 1990s.

Among the countries interested in the new missile at the time were – apart from Germany – Greece, Norway, Sweden and Italy. The weapon was introduced into service with the Luftwaffe in 2005. As reported by Rzeczpospolita, the missile of the system “is equipped with a thermal homing system, while the IRIS-T SLM and IRIS-T SLX effectors have an active radar homing system”. The rocket can reach speeds of Mach 3 (nearly 3.7 thousand km / h).

The IRIS-T is a fire and forget weapon. It is very maneuverable and can – according to the manufacturer – counter incoming medium-range missiles as well. As Przemys┼éaw Juraszek wrotetargeting is carried out with the fourth generation IR head (IIR), which – compared to the previous generations – “sees” the thermal image of the enemy object.

The manufacturer also claims that the projectile can perform a strike preceded by a sham attack. This is to force the pilot of the enemy army to undertake maneuvers that will deprive him of energy for the next dodge. The rocket is launched from a vertical launcher.

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Adam Gaafar, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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