The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. State leaders will be driven by buses. They were asked to come on scheduled planes

At the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, each country will be able to be represented only by its leader accompanied by his wife or husband, Politico informed. He added that this was due to logistical reasons. In addition, the leaders are to be transported to Westminster Abbey by buses. The guests were also asked to come to the funeral on scheduled airplanes, not private machines.

Westminster Abbey, where the funeral will take place on Monday, September 19, will be so crowded that each country will only be able to be represented by one person accompanied by a spouse or partner, according to UK Foreign Office recommendations. The document received by Politico was sent to foreign embassies on Saturday evening.

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Three minutes to pay tribute and condolence

Invitations to a state funeral were issued only to leaders who acted as head of state. However, if they are unable to attend the ceremony in person, they may appoint another person to take their place, such as a prime minister or minister, Politico reports.

The British diplomacy document regretted the limited seating capacity for the funeral service, which would not allow any other family members, staff or main guest entourage to be admitted.

Foreign leaders are set to be welcomed by the new King Charles III on Sunday night at Buckingham Palace. Later, guests will be able to pay tribute in front of the coffin with the body of the queen and enter the condolence book. Three minutes were set aside for each of them.

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To the queen’s funeral by buses

On the day of the funeral, the heads of state will arrive at Westminster Abbey in escorted buses.

“Due to strict security measures and traffic restrictions,” the leaders will not be allowed to use their limos. After the funeral, foreign guests will go to the garden next to the Abbey, where they will meet British Foreign Minister James Cleverly, before being taken by bus to where their cars have been left behind.

Due to the busy schedule of the ceremony and logistical difficulties during the funeral, the British Foreign Ministry will not consider applications for bilateral meetings on this occasion, the document also wrote.

British diplomacy recommends that “if possible” foreign leaders come to Britain on scheduled planes. London Heathrow will be closed to private flights – those arriving on them will have to land at airports more distant from the center. Helicopter traffic between airports and inside the city will also be prohibited.

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The prime minister of Australia does not want to take a scheduled plane, he will arrive earlier

“Can you imagine Joe Biden on the bus? “, commented one of the foreign ambassadors in London in a message to Politico’s editorial office.

Prime Minister Australia Anthony Albanese was the first to declare that he will not follow these guidelines and will fly to London on Thursday on a private plane, which is explained by security issues, Australian media reported on Monday.

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