The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II – live coverage from Great Britain [TRANSMISJA]

From Westminster Abbey he set off procession with the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. On a 45-minute drive through the streets of London, the strike of Big Ben and a cannon salute from Hyde Park will be heard every minute.

Just like on the way to Westminster Abbey, the coffin is carried on a 2.5-tonne, four-wheeled 1896 gun carriage, hauled by 98 Royal Navy sailors and a further 40 following to brake it. The coffin is covered with the royal banner and on it lie the imperial crown, scepter and royal apple.

This time, the procession is led by the mounted unit of the London Metropolitan Police, then by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Gurkhas, representatives of the armed forces of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as units of the British armed forces, both regular army, navy and air force troops, as well as representative offices.

Directly behind the tow truck with the coffin are ten members of the royal family, in the same order as to Westminster Abbey: four children of Elizabeth II – King Charles III, Princess Anna, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, then two sons of Charles III – Prince William and Prince Harry, Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips, her husband Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, Duke of Gloucester Richard, and the son of Elizabeth II’s younger sister, the late Princess Margaret, David Armstrong-Jones.

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