The Forspoken demo was delighted at the Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix to deliver a hit?

Very positive news comes from Tokyo. The demo of Forspoken, the forthcoming production of Square Enix, presented there, garnered very good opinions, and some even believe that it will be another hit from the Japanese station.

The TGS Forspoken demo took place in the open region of the game, where the implementation of objectives was non-linear and there were also side missions and an optional boss fight. There are comparisons to The Last of Us Part II, after all, the main character, Frey, can create new items from materials collected during exploration and improve equipment on special “tables”. The equipment consists mainly of coats and necklaces with various unique, also passive properties, which is to fit perfectly into the fantasy atmosphere of the game.

Players praise the combat system that focuses on magic – in the demo, the heroine wielded the powers of fire and earth, which gave her access to a large number of moves. And most importantly – everything indicates that replacing swords with magic powers in Forspoken works very well, because in a way it simulates various classic weapons such as a rifle or grenade, but magic also offers defensive options like a shield. The fight takes place in real time and is very dynamic, although the creators still have to work on the controls and the appropriate assignment of buttons to commands.

Parkour and a special line straight from Spider-man allow the heroine to smoothly and quickly climb and move around the environment. The title is also praised for the setting, especially all the effects associated with magic attacks, including special sequences, which are said to make a great impression. They also enjoy the beautiful surroundings and well-designed enemies, although the level design is not on the same level as in From Software productions. However, it seems that we will get a refined production, the plot of which is supervised by, among others, Amy Hennig. Its portfolio includes such series as Legacy of Kain, Jak and Daxter or Uncharted. And although I am not convinced that the atmosphere of the game will appeal to me (and I’m a skeptic), good news from TGS is happy.

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