The former rival of Justyna Kowalczyk, Therese Johaug, plays like an 18-year-old

The Norwegian woman was seen this summer, among others in Monaco, St. Tropez and Ibiza, where she played in renowned clubs. Photos from these events are posted on social media.

“I swapped isotonic drinks for pink wine, which is much tastier, and now I’m having fun like I’m 18. I’m making up for the losses because I wasn’t able to party when I was young. There was only training, camps and competitions. Now I’m experiencing the freedom of a teenager” – said 34 -year-old runner.

She added that she wanted to become a mother soon, but made an appointment with her partner that it would happen in two years at the earliest – first she had to “go crazy”. “Drinking a lot of wine every day is not compatible with pregnancy,” she explained.

She is now finishing the book, which will be released on the market in October, and has announced that it will reveal all the details of sports life, and above all the doping scandal in 2016, which resulted in an 18-month disqualification.

He writes it together with the well-known NRK journalist who specializes in cross-country skiing, Anders Skjaerdingstad, and according to Gydendall publisher, it will be an autumn hit.

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