The former kadrowicz criticizes Lewandowski for playing in the national team. “He should drop the password and not become offended”

Henryk Wawrowski has comments on Robert Lewandowski’s game in the Polish national team. In his opinion, the captain of the white and reds should behave differently on the pitch.

The last weeks have been marked by great performances by the Polish strikers. Lewandowski scores goal after goal for Barcelona, ​​Arkadiusz Milik came back to life after moving to Juventus. Wawrowski, however, has his comments on the latter.

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– He scores these goals so sporadically, because he will succeed once and fail again. Lewandowski is regular, and Milik does so from case to case – said Wawrowski in an interview with the daily “Sport”.

It turns out that the former Polish representative also has comments about Lewandowski. In his opinion, the Barcelona forward does not always behave as expected of a team captain.

– Robert is able to do a lot, but of course he must have the help and support of his colleagues, because recently it does not show much in the national team. He doesn’t run, that’s my opinion of course, and the captain is expected to do so. He should give an impetus, say the slogan: “Come on, we’ll do something”, and not stand in the front offended Wawrowski blurted out.

The 72-year-old in 1975 played in the match between Poland and the Netherlands. The Polish team won 4: 1 – that match is considered to be one of the best performances in the history of our team. How will the Poles fare this time?

– The most important thing is that they come out with the conviction that you have to play, but knowing life and Michniewicz, it will probably set our team defensively – comments Wawrowski.

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