The Forbidden Fruit series – this will happen after the weekend. Ender proposes marriage to Alihan

After the weekend in the series “Forbidden Fruit”. Ender proves Yildiz is not pregnant. However, her satisfaction is short-lived, because … another test confirms the previous diagnosis. Alihan’s plane is flown by Hira. The plane disappears from the radar. Check what else will happen in the Turkish series “Forbidden Fruit”. You can find summaries of the ten upcoming episodes in the gallery.

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The series “Forbidden Fruit” has been broadcast on TVP 2 for several months (broadcast from Monday to Friday at 5.15 pm). In the next episodes of the Turkish soap opera, Yildiz informs her mother that she is pregnant. During the Yildiz pregnancy control, the doctor determines that the fetus is dead. Halit shows Alihan a gift for Erim. Alihan learns it’s the watch of the man for whom his mother cheated on his father. Alihan devises revenge on Halita. Ender tells Alihan that he knows it was he who planted her pictures of Yildiz. They decide to work together against Halit. To this end, Ender offers Alihan a marriage … Check what else will happen. In the gallery we present abstracts:

The premiere episode of the series “Forbidden Fruit” was broadcast on June 28, 2022 on TVP 2. The series can be watched from Monday to Friday at 17:15. The series has a total of five seasons, which consists of 146 episodes.


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