The flag of Ukraine was supposed to provoke Russian women. And the judge took their side!

Last Saturday, the qualifying matches for the WTA 1000 tennis tournament in Cincinnati began. Already on the second day of the competition on the court two Russian women faced each other: Anastazja Potapowa and Anna Kalinska. At stake was a pass to the main bracket of the women’s tournament.

Ultimately, the victory was achieved by Kalinska, defeating the two years younger rival 7: 5, 6: 1. However, it was not the tennis players’ attitude that was remembered the most in this duel. Internet users focused on the behavior of the referees of this meeting.

The judge did not like the Ukrainian flag

During the match Russian women a woman wearing the flag of Ukraine appeared in the stands. This caught the attention of the referee, who decided to draw the fans’ attention during one of the breaks.

The referee asked the fan to hide the object “provoking” the contestants or to leave the object. However, the appeal did not make much of an impression on the woman who did not intend to comply with the request. After a moment of discussion, the judge returned to her stool.

“Watching Communist IN THIS in action it was something … they ordered her to leave the court for a silent protest against the Russian invasion “- wrote the author of the recording shared on Twitter.

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