The first viral with King Charles III. The video is a hit on the web

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. The power was succeeded by her son Karol, who delivered a message to the nation the day after his mother left. The new king assured that he would serve Great Britain until the end of his life and said goodbye to the late Elizabeth II in touching words.

The Accession Council formally proclaimed Charles III king on September 10. After the official ceremony, which took place at the Palace of St. James, the new ruler was to be transported in the royal limousine to Buckingham Palace. Moments before the signing of the Accession Proclamation, the cameras caught the moment when the son of the late Elizabeth II began to gesture rapidly, signaling to his advisers to clear his desk top. The video quickly made its way around the web, becoming the first viral with Charles III as king.

“The attendant has to clean my desk for me. I can’t expect to move things myself,” reads the caption of one of the posts in which the recording was shared on Twitter. Over 300 thousand people liked the entry. website users.

The recording is also shared by Polish commentators.

Earlier, the video showing what was the recording of the first royal message behind the scenes. The video shows King Charles in the moments before and after giving the speech following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. You can see him getting up from his chair after the message, smiling slightly at the camera crew and exchanging a few words with them.


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