The Finnish prime minister’s first public appearance after the party scandal. He talks about Poland

The Prime Minister of Finland drew the attention of, inter alia, on the possible tasks faced by EU countries in connection with the energy crisis. It also spoke out in favor of further tightening of sanctions against Russia.

It was the first public and official speech Sanny Marin after last week’s end controversial video recordings were revealedshowing the 37-year-old prime minister having fun at nightlife.

The media were more interested in new photos than in Marin’s speech, which began to circulate on social media on Tuesday.

There are two kissing women on them. With their breasts uncovered, they pose with a sign that reads “Finland”, which is used during official speeches by the authorities. The photos were taken at the official government residence in Helsinki. – Such photos should not be taken. I am sorry for that, said the Prime Minister.

Photo taken at a government residencePhoto taken at the government residence – TikTok

The Finnish Social Democrat leader initially canceled her meeting with the media, but later decided to answer journalists’ questions.

Marin confirmed that the photo was taken during a party at the official residence after the “Ruisrock” music festival in early July in Turku.

– We used to go to the sauna, swim, spend our free time in the sauna and in the garden – said the Prime Minister. According to her, it was the only private party at the residence that she organized during her vacation.

In recent days, the disclosed video recordings of private night parties with Marin’s participation have grown into a scandal that has also been reported in the media around the world. The Prime Minister of Finland also decided to test for the presence of drugs. The test result – announced on Monday – was negative.

The press notes that controversial night parties took place in early August, after Marin’s vacation had ended. The head of the Finnish government – as it was calculated – was to play two weekends in a row, and during that time her deputy was not appointed.

“I assume nothing significant happened then,” said Finnish President Sauli Niinisto shortly when asked on Tuesday whether there was a breach of security or top-level decision-making during the night the prime minister was partying.

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