The favorite of viewers leaves the program “Our new home”

“Our new home” appears on the screens in Polish homes almost from 9 years. After broadcast first episode, September 29, 2013. the number of its viewers grew steadily. Currently after issue over 265 episodes the team traveling all over Poland is already well recognized.

Television viewers have undoubtedly become attached to the characters appearing in the program “Our new home”. Not only Katarzyna Dowbor gained a wide group of fans thanks to her participation in the program. The audience was equally eager to watch professionals appearing in front of the cameras.

Recently, information has come to light that the cast of the program will be narrowed. From “Our New Home” Artur Witkowski will leave. The construction manager, popular with viewers, will not appear on the screens from next season.

Favorite of viewers “Our new home” leaves the crew

Artur Witkowski was associated with high professionalism as well as the pleasant atmosphere he created in front of the camera. He appeared on the program regularly already from the second season. Fans of the show may be disappointed to learn about his departure.

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