The farmer is looking for a wife. Drama in the Bardowski family for stairs for 18,000

Anna Bardowska posted a video on her YouTube channel entitled “Drama on the construction site”. In it she told why she cried when stairs were being installed in her house.

“I take it personally so that I can then cry through such stupid stairs. I was able to get along with every man. Even when something was screwed up. And this gentleman was screaming, judging, scaring … not a cool situation” – says Ania Bardowska.

“We have a big problem at the construction site, I already have sleepless nights, stomach ache, but we have to take off the stairs that have already been installed here. As for me, they are completely different in color, they are not selected in terms of coloring. you can see this glue, they don’t have perfect angles “- says Ania Bardowska about her problems in the video posted on her YouTube channel.

Ania Bardowska clashed with the foreman on the stairs

The foreman who made the stairs in the Bardowski house did not agree with the critical assessment of his work. The conflict between him and the marriage escalated to such an extent that the contractor began to threaten his principals with court.

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