The expert reflects on the outfit in which the queen was buried. “Behind the scenes, one speculates …”

The British mourn the death of the monarch, which is expected to last until September 29. 11 days after the departure of Queen Elizabeth II, a farewell service was held at Westminster Abbeywhich was attended by virtually all royals and world leaders. Prince Louis, the youngest son of Prince William and Princess Kate, did not attend the funeralbecause it was considered too small and a bit distracted to participate in such a historic event. On September 19, in the evening, the coffin with the queen’s body was placed in the chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle. We already know what the tombstone looks likeand now experts theorize what the 96-year-old was buried in.

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Queen Elizabeth II published her first Instagram post

The expert meditates on the outfit in which the queen was buried. “Behind the scenes, one speculates …”

In an interview with the Plejada website, Agnieszka Beczek, an expert in the funeral industry, who runs an Instagram profile called “Ms. from the funeral home”, was tempted to comment on the matter.

The Queen was a very colorful woman, she did not shy away from colors on a daily basis. On the other hand, according to the protocols and etiquette that apply to the royal family, its members are required to dress in black during funerals. And likewise, in the sidelines it is speculated that the queen at 99 percent. she was dressed in black with family jewelry.

In addition, the woman revealed in which items of clothing, in her opinion, the monarch rested. There is no surprise here either.

I assume it was a suit, black slippers, black tights. She might have had some kind of a hat as well, because she liked hats a lot. Maybe a toque? She definitely had a favorite jewelry. I think the royal family does not enter into such rituals that they put the deceased’s favorite items in a coffin, as we do in our culture. It was total seriousness and elegance – she added.

Despite what the expert says, one person at the funeral Queen Elizabeth II she wasn’t dressed strictly in black. I am talking about Prince George, who was wearing a navy blue suit. According to the findings of Hello !, it is permissible in the royal family to replace black with navy blue, therefore the future king did not break any protocol.

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