The European Commission wants to tighten the gas taps even more

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, wrote on Wednesday in a letter to EU leaders that “more ambitious gas saving commitments will have to be prepared“to ensure that the reduction in the price of gas does not increase consumption when the EU has to keep its supplies,” reports the Financial Times.

The letter that was sent to member states ahead of the informal leadership meeting in Prague this week, specifies four measures to reduce gas costs for consumers and businesses.

Von der Leyen said that recommends negotiating with “reliable suppliers”such as Norway and the US, which have increased their gas exports to the EU since Russia started cutting off supplies in retaliation for its support for Ukraine.

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“We should limit the inflationary impact of gas on electricity in Europe. Therefore, in addition to our actions on imported gas, we are ready to discuss the introduction of a temporary limiting the price of gas used to generate electricity. Such an agreed ceiling it would have to be designed not to increase gas consumption, “she wrote.