The euro will make us poorer? I have visited Latvia. It was more expensive, but certainly not cheap

  • The euro area is not only the countries of the “old” EU. For several years now, residents of the Baltic states have also been paying with the Community currency
  • The adoption of the euro by Latvia has brought dynamic wage growth over the years. Currently, the single currency shows that it also has disadvantages
  • At the current euro exchange rate, prices in Latvia are higher than on the Vistula River, but for example, apartments are much cheaper. Also in relation to the average wage
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Located just over 250 km in a straight line from the Polish border, Latvia is hardly a country that attracts crowds of Polish tourists. According to the data of the local state statistical office, the number of Poles visiting this country in the last five years has decreased from just over 300,000. up to 66 thousand It’s about 3-4 percent. all visitors to this Baltic country every year.

Latvia is also not very frequent in the Polish media. The last few months are an exception, when this country with a population of less than two million, in which even every fourth inhabitant is an ethnic Russian, has put itself to Moscow in the face of the invasion of Ukraine. Latvians not only support the military efforts of the government in Kiev, but also take decisive movements in the symbolic sphere. It is even Renaming a fragment of Antonijas Street, where the Russian embassy stands, to the street “Niepodległości Ukraina” if blowing up the giant monument of the Red Army.

View from the windows of the Russian embassy in Riga.

View from the windows of the Russian embassy in Riga.

Latvia adopted the euro 8 years ago – wallets have felt this

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