The escalation of the war is the fault of … the EU? Amazing words of Orban

In a speech on Wednesday at a meeting of members of Fidesz and KDNP (Christian Democratic People’s Party), reported by the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, Orban was to state that the war in Ukraine will take a long time, and issues of security, economy and sovereignty of Hungary are more important than ever.

Sanctions “harm Europe more than Russia”

If European Union it would abandon its sanctions policy against Russia, prices would immediately fall by half, and so would inflation – said the head of the Hungarian government. In this way, he said, the coming recession could be avoided.

When Brussels forced Europe to introduce these sanctions in early summer, EU bureaucrats promised that they would affect Russia, not Europeans. It has since become clear that the sanctions harm Europe more than Russia He announced.

At the same time, he emphasized that while people fear war, it directly hits them inflation. Due to EU sanctions, including those on Russian oil and gas, the price of gas has tripled since June, Orban said according to Magyar Nemzet. He also added that the government would support families by maintaining price caps, and that Hungary’s energy supply – and thus jobs – was not threatened.

Another chance for a revision of the sanctions

According to Hungarian premierein November there will be another chance for a revision of the sanctions.

On Thursday, the Reuters agency confirmed Wednesday’s reports by the Hungarian newspaper, citing information obtained from government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs.

Orban’s statements followed Wednesday morning Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia for a war with Ukraine.

Marcin Furdyna from Budapest

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