The end of cooperation between Polish billionaires. Solorz bets on Sasin

The end of cooperation between Polish billionaires. Solorz bets on Sasin

The companies of Polish billionaires – Zygmunt Solorz and Michał Sołowow – concluded an agreement on cooperation in the field of nuclear energy on August 31, 2021. The companies were to establish a joint enterprise, one of the tasks of which would be the construction of SMR nuclear reactors in Pątnów. ZE PAK broke this agreement on the day of concluding, under the patronage of Jacek Sasin, an agreement with PGE and the Korean KHNP on the construction of a nuclear power plant in Pątnów.

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Broken contract

“The decision to terminate the contract is due to the company’s intention to conduct further analyzes regarding the possible, different and more diversified use by the company of the land, potential and infrastructure located on the premises of the organized part of the enterprise, related to the generation of electricity at the Pątnów Power Plant, and each party may terminate the contract if one of the conditions precedent is not met by the end date specified in the contract “- the company informed in the stock exchange announcement ZE PAK.

She also provided the information cooperating incl. with Orlen, the company Synthos Green Energy.

“On June 30, 2022, the conditions precedent of the contract concluded on August 31, 2021 between ZE PAK and SGE expired, which gave each party the right to terminate the contract. At the request of ZE PAK, neither party terminated the contract. On October 31, 2022, the contract was terminated by ZE PAK. Since the conclusion of the contract on August 31, 2021, no works related to the planned technology or location have been carried out, which means that the decision of ZE PAK does not affect the implementation of projects to build a fleet of BWRX-300 reactors by SGE in Poland “- reads on Twitter a message.

Polish-Korean nuclear cooperation

The letter of intent ZE PAK, PGE and KHNP signed on Monday is just the beginning of the whole process. By the end of the year, the companies are to determine what the operationalization of further cooperation will look like.

The power plant with KHNP reactors will be erected in Pątnów (Konin district), where the lignite-fired Pątnów Power Plant, owned by ZE PAK, is located today. Four coal-fired units are currently operating there, which will be shut down at the end of 2024.

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