The drama of the player. It’s over. The leg is hanging on the hair

– This is a very serious break, which means the end of the season for Anders – says Stanisław Chomski, coach of Moje Bermuda Stali Gorzów, categorically cutting off our question about a possible return of Thomsen this season. – It can’t be that way. Let’s not go crazy. Thomsen’s leg hangs by a thread.

Steel Coach tells you how to patch Thomsen’s hole

The lack of Thomsen means that Toruń will get the substitute Wiktor Jasiński in the match against For Nature Solutions Apator. – I have been calling for the possibility of medical transfers for a long time, because we have the best league in the world, and sport is traumatic and it is difficult to patch holes when a few injuries occur. With Wiktor we will fix the line-up somehow and I hope it will not look bad, but it would be better if the room for maneuver was greater.

Stal’s coach hopes that Martin Vaculik and Oskar Paluch will return to Toruń for the rematch. If you are stubborn, you could put Paluch on a motorcycle right now, but Chomski doesn’t want that. – This is a young organism, I will not risk it – explains the coach of Stali.

In Gorzów, they hope that, despite the holes in the squad, there will be a fight, because entering the second phase of the tournament means the possibility of issuing four more invoices. Therefore, no promotion means big financial losses. Bartosz Zmarzlik and the company have something to think about.

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