The dog guards the bodies trapped under the ruins. “Putin has to pay for all this life”

On the night of September 29-30, the Russians attacked residential estates in the city of Dnieper. – Over 60 houses and several two-story blocks have been damaged in the city. There is damage on the market, buses, cars and power lines are damaged, informed the governor of the region Valentyn Rezniczenko.

As it was established, the death toll included a family of four: grandmother, mother and two children. Late yesterday evening, the world went around a photo of a dog found at the bombing site. He was one of the inhabitants of the building. After the attack, he faithfully watched in the place where the bodies of his killed owners are.

– Putin has to pay for each of these lives – Internet users write under the published photo. Someone from the scene of the attack recorded the dog. He was scared but calm. He did not leave the place where all the victims were imprisoned.

As it was established, the house that fell under the attack belonged to the oldest of the victims. She was the grandmother of the killed children. Their mother decided to move to her house from an apartment in blocks of flats, hoping that it would be safer in the single-family home. The estate was not the only target of the Russians. The rockets also hit a bus stop in the Dnieper. People waiting for transport died on the spot.

By decrees of Thursday night, Putin granted independence to Chersonia and Zaporizhia and announced that on Friday he would include four occupied Ukrainian oblasts: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia into Russia. These decisions are to be approved by the Russian parliament.

He added that he was ready to defend these territories by all means available, pointing out that he would be willing to use a nuclear attack to stop Ukraine’s efforts to liberate its sovereign territory.

source: PAP / Twitter

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