The director of “Rancza” recalls Franciszek Pieczka. “He lost his patience only once”

  • Franciszek Pieczka, who died recently, created an unforgettable performance of Stach Japycz in the series “Ranch”
  • Initially, no one planned that the legendary actor would join the cast. Wojciech Adamczyk, the director of the series, decided to do it when Leon Niemczyk fell ill
  • “This role required not only acting talent, but also great empathy and kindness for the whole situation” – Adamczyk recalls in an interview with PAP
  • Adamczyk adds that everyone loved Pieczka on the set. The actor was famous for his sympathy and patience, and was upset only once during the shooting
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“Nobody expected Franciszek Pieczka to participate in the series “Ranch” and even more so in the feature film »Wilkowyje Ranch«. Mr. Franciszek showed up completely by accident. It was a consequence of an incurable disease that quickly took away the second giant of Polish film – Leon Niemczyk “- he explained Wojciech Adamczyk, director of “Ranches”in an interview with the PAP service.

“There were very serious problems with Mr. Leon. It was not known if he would be able to play, although he really wanted to be on the set of” Ranches “and even confessed to the producer in some conversation that he would like to die on the set of this series” – he said. “And that would be a terrible situation” – assessed Adamczyk.

The director pointed out that in connection with this situation the scriptwriters invented the character of Stach – Jan Japycz’s brother, who was created by Niemczyk. “We just proposed this role to you Franciszek Pieczce“- he said.” It was a special role, because it not only required, as in the case of great roles, acting talent, but also great empathy and kindness for the whole situation “- he emphasized.

“Namely, the screenwriters were preparing several versions of the script, and I was preparing for various versions of the scene, because it all depended on the state of Mr. Leon at a given moment. Will he be able to say the entire text provided for in the scene, or only some fragments, or maybe he will just sit and the text will be told by Mr. Franciszek Pieczka “- recalled the director. “Mr. Franciszek was preparing himself for all these variants, showing great understanding for the situation of his colleague, for the entire production. Without murmuring, extremely selflessly and in a very human way, he showed not only his acting skills, but also his famous, repeatedly mentioned kindness” – he noted Adamczyk.

“In my opinion, as Stacho Japycz, Franciszek Pieczka left his mark on the series in an unusual way, because his characteristic timbre of his voice with an unobvious interpretation, very delicate, but sometimes also malicious, were unforgettable” – he assessed. “A flash in the eye, which sometimes expressed more than sentences, the wisdom of Mr. Franciszek’s life combined with the wisdom of the series often meant that the appeals we addressed to our viewers at the end of the series sounded extremely expressive” – ​​he emphasized. “Because if Mr. Franciszek at his age said as a Japanese:» people, like each other a little more «or» do not argue, because life is so short «- everything in his mouth would take on an additional meaning” – said Adamczyk.

Bogdan Kalus, Sylwester Maciejewski and Franciszek Pieczka on the set "Ranches" (2014)Bogdan Kalus, Sylwester Maciejewski and Franciszek Pieczka on the set of “Rancza” (2014) – Ireneusz Sobieszczuk / PAP

The director also explained that the cooperation with Franciszek Pieczka was harmonious. “Even though he was a real acting giant, he was focused on the set, modest and humble towards the task, which additionally won him kindness” – he said. “Because if he had a whim – we would probably understand it, because a man with such achievements could sometimes allow himself a whim. And yet there has never been such a thing” – explained the director.

“He was always fantastically prepared, calm, patient. Only once there was a situation when he lost his patience, when we were shooting some the scene on the bench“- he recalled.” In the break between shots of even the same scene, he was always surrounded by a crowd, partly of Jerusalem residents, and mostly tourists, who came to this town to watch their favorite performers. And suddenly I heard the loud voice of Mr. Franciszek in my headphones: ‘you will get away from me, goddamn it.’ Immediately I dropped my headphones and ran to the bench, smashed the crowd and asked: »Mr. Francis, what happened? How can I help? And he replied: »I’m sorry, director, but this one is here« – and he pointed to a solidly bewildered, but nice man – »it is the eighth time to say hello to me” – said Adamczyk.

Wojciech Adamczyk noted that “Mr. Franciszek was adored by everyone”. “They respected his enormous authority and valued his human attitude.”

Franciszek Pieczka died on September 23, 2022.

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