The defender of Azovstal returned from Russian captivity. This is how his family greeted him. VIDEO

Mykhailo Dianov is a soldier of the 36th Independent Marine Brigade. The unit supported the Azov regiment in the defense of Mariupol and the Azovstal plants. Together with hundreds of other soldiers, he was taken prisoner by Russia after the fall of the city. He was released on September 21. He managed to take advantage of the prisoner exchange negotiated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“The Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dianov is one of the lucky ones. Unlike other prisoners of war, he survived the Russian captivity. In this way Russia” respects “the Geneva Convention, wrote the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, enclosing meaningful photos.

The defender of Azovstal returned home after several months in Russian captivity

The photo of Dianov posted on Twitter by the Ukrainian defense ministry is grim proof of how the Russians treat their prisoners. For comparison, a photo of a soldier from before the captivity is also attached – a view of a hedgehog on his head

After spending four months in Russian captivity, the man looks nothing like himself. He is terribly skinny, with visible scars on his face. The most depressing impression is the broken arm, which, due to a lack of medical care, has not been set up and healed incorrectly.

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