“The day I was killed but didn’t die for some reason.” Alexey Navalny on the second anniversary of poisoning

Navalny recalled that no criminal case has yet been initiated in the poisoning casealthough the results of an investigation were published in December 2020 which identified nearly all the polluters. “No one from the spy group was brought to justice. Except for Konstantin Kudryyev, the unfortunate chemist, who told me about the details of the attack over the phone. He disappeared and it seems that he was killed himself,” the politician noted.

Navalny also expressed the view that the Kremlin was “so moved” to the botched poisoning that he was imprisoned “first for three and a half yearsand then for nine years. “

On August 20, 2020, Navalny fell ill on a Tomsk-Moscow flight. The politician was taken to a hospital in Omsk, from where he was transported to Germany two days later in a coma, where he spent a month in a hospital in Berlin. German authorities said he was poisoned substance from the group of noviczoka.

In December 2020, The Insider and Bellingcat published a report which found that the FSB secret police were behind the poisoning. Navalny later called one of the bombers who confessed to taking part in the poisoning operation.

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