The Czech portal describes the raids of Poles for coal. “We had 30 tons of coal on Friday, nothing on Monday”

Poles have already ventured beyond the borders of the country in search of coal. This was noticed by the Czechs, and the local website describes how Poles clean local coal depots from stocks.

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On Friday we had 30 tons of coal, on Monday afternoon we had nothing “ – says Jakub Hanuš, an employee of Olvan Náchod coal depots.

“With them, a ton costs from 20 to 25 thousand crowns, in the Czech Republic they pay about 5.5 thousand crowns per ton” – he explains in an interview with the portal.

As we read later, coal is released practically on an ongoing basis, and Czechs receive calls from Poles from morning to evening. “Every day, 50 to 60 Polish cars come to us“- informs Jakub Hanuš. He adds that some of them cover 400 km for cheaper raw material.

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