The clients of a large bank are targeted by hackers. Cybercriminals have prepared fake bank websites

The cybersecurity team at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (CSIRT KNF) warns against fraudsters pretending to be Citi Handlowy. Cybercriminals use fake websites to obtain login credentials for electronic banking. In addition, experts warn against cybercriminals posing as InPost. It is about a new phishing campaign.

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) warns against a new campaign by cybercriminals via social media. – CAUTION! We warn you against another scam! Cyber ​​criminals are impersonating @Citibank – we read in the Twitter post.

Experts explain that fraudsters “use fake websites to steal login credentials for electronic banking”. – Don’t get robbed and always verify your bank’s website address! – they added.

The entry contains screenshots of fake sites prepared by scammers, confusingly similar to the real one.

The respondents considered the SMS code (36.7% of responses) to be the safest form of logging into a bank or other portals. The second place was taken by the use of biometric data in the form of fingerprint or face verification (35.2%). Among the respondents aged 18-34 and 44-55, it was the safest method – according to the research conducted by and the National Debt Register.


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