The Chinese were going to quarantine. 27 people died in the accident

Down accident it occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning in Sandu County, about 170 km southeast of the provincial capital Guiyang. According to police, the bus, carrying 47 passengers, “turned over on its side” on the highway. People on the coach have been quarantined in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a traffic accident in Chinain which the most people have died since the beginning of this year.

On Saturday, there were 712 new confirmed cases of infection in Guizhou Province, which accounted for about 70% of the population. all new cases in China. This is a significant jump from the 154 cases in the province the day before.

For this reason, on Saturday, Guizhou officials announced that those in need of quarantine will have to be transferred to sister cities and states due to limited local health services.

Source: PAP, TVN24

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