The Chinese got their way. World of Warcraft disappears after 14 years

The Chinese got their way.  World of Warcraft disappears after 14 years

The Chinese got their way. World of Warcraft disappears after 14 years

Blizzard and all its games disappeared from China on January 23, 2023. This is a huge blow to millions of players. Imagine that you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for 14 years, and your beloved production disappears from the market overnight.

And there’s nothing you can do about it. Blizzard has been using the services of the Chinese company NetEease for 14 years, which distributed it in the middle of the country. There was no other option. After these 14 years, the Chinese began to demand too much from Blizzard. So much so that now the production of the American company will no longer be certified by any resident of China.

And among these games we can mention Word of Warcraft, starcraft, Heathstone if Overwatch. As you can guess, these have millions of fans around the world, but also millions of players in China alone. So it wasn’t about money, or at least not about Blizzard’s lack of earnings. It was certainly a big part of the company’s profits.

Information about the conflict between NetEase and Blizzard appeared in November last year. As you can guess, both sides of the translation look like it’s not their fault. NetEase swears (literally) at Blizzard, and Blizzard explains what the Chinese allegedly wanted from them.

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NetEase vs. Blizzard – what was it all about, and who’s lying?

According to SkyNews, citing its informant associated with Blizzard, NetEase managed significant, structural changes to the contract and, as a result, the management of the American company’s products. Blizzard reportedly stated that these would significantly affect the control of their products and intellectual property. So it’s not surprising that they made that decision.

It looks different from NetEase CEO Simon Zhu, who, as he himself claims, is a veteran of Blizzard games. He had over 10,000 hours in them. This is what he says about the situation: “One day, when it is possible to say what happened behind the scenes, developers and players will be able to understand how much damage one jerk can do.”

A NetEase spokesperson told SkyNews that: “We want to make it clear that we never sought to gain control of Activision Blizzard’s intellectual property – that’s a baseless accusation.”

Blizzard vs China – who’s right? Comment

It is not known from today how Chinese companies operate. Each of them has ties to the Chinese government, or rather the ruling party. The latter, in turn, may at any time demand full cooperation and transfer of data, or even force foreign concerns to spy on its behalf. We do not know if this was the case here, but you can associate these facts.

Blizzard may have been afraid of control and takeover of its sensitive data by the Chinese government. The situation of players in China did not look too colorful before, and now it is even worse. For example, China is very slow to issue permits to release new games in its country. At the end of December 2022 a total of 44 games were accepted. Examples include Valorant, Pokemon Unite and Don’t Starve. And although the former is only two years old, the latter was released in 2013.

Chinese forbid also playing the game itself to underage users. According to their latest analysis, more than 75 percent. of underage gamers play games less than 3 hours a week. We don’t know how reliable this data is because Chinese players are circumventing the ban on adult accounts.

Arkadiusz Stando, managing editor of Polygamia

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