The Chinese got along. A common standard for fast charging smartphones has been created

UFCS is an acronym that should soon be known to all smartphone users.

Fast charging is an absolute standard today in Chinese smartphones. The problem, however, is that basically every manufacturer develops its own technologies that are not compatible with each other.

Want to charge your Xiaomi smartphone at maximum speed? You need to use the Xiaomi charger. This complicates things on many levels and sometimes leads to absurdities. It happens that a completely discharged smartphone does not wake up at all after connecting to a non-original power supply.

Already in 2021, the Chinese announced the start of work on a common standard. This one finally saw the light of day.

The UFCS is set to become a global fast charging standard

UFCS (Universal Fast Charging Specification) is a standard proposed by the China Communications Standards Association. She published it is the first batch of 11 certificates that make up the unified fast charging technology.

With the exception of a few local brands, companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and vivo have already declared their willingness to implement a common solution. So we are talking about the world’s leading producers.

The Chinese also encourage producers from outside the Middle Kingdom to cooperate. They are counting on the UFCS to catch on all over the world.

The common standard of fast charging has many advantages and disadvantages

The possibility of using one power supply for quick charging of devices of various brands is, of course, an advantage that cannot be overestimated. However, the unification of standards is not without its drawbacks.

At the beginning, the technology developed under the UFCS supports charging with a power of 40 W. Meanwhile, the brands realme, Xiaomi and OnePlus have already introduced proprietary 150 W solutionsthat allow you to charge the phone in about 15 minutes. Some companies have already boasted of working on charging 200 W.

Of course, the UFCS is to be constantly developed together, but the effects may not be as spectacular. In a situation where the developed technology can be used by everyone, the motivation to overcome the barriers is lower.

However, there is a chance that soon even a common standard will achieve such results that further shortening the loading time by single minutes will no longer make sense.

Miron Nurski, editor-in-chief of Komórkomania

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