The British were charmed by Lewandowski’s performance. “The Best in the World” Soccer

Poland defeated Welsie in the last round of games League of Nations and thus remained in division A. The modest win is all the more valuable because thanks to it Poland will be drawn from the first basket in the qualifying round of the European Championship. The attention of foreign media was primarily attracted by the play of Robert Lewandowski, who assisted in the hit by Karol Świderski.

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A disturbed Lewandowski about the Ukrainian armband: I made it myself, glued it together

British media rave about Lewandowski’s assist

“With this action, Lewandowski showed why he is the best striker in the world” – assesses “The Telegraph”. The daily emphasizes that the assistance of the Pole was the first qualitative game of the second half match. “Passing from the first ball, over the shoulder, gave Świderski a clean position,” we read.

“Wales fell from the A division of the League of Nations, and Świderski scored a goal after an excellent assistance from Lewandowski” – writes “Daily Mail”. Football player Barcelona journalists call him “one of the greatest attackers of the decade”. “He had a frustrating evening behind him, but he showed his whole class playing for Świderski”.

“Lewandowski with amazing assistance” – we read on GiveMeSport. The portal describes the attacker’s play as “subtle”, which turned out to be “perfect” in its accuracy. He adds that with Lewandowski in this form, Poland can think of leaving the group at the World Cup in Qatar.

“The experienced striker served Świderski with a perfect extension of the ball, who had a straight path to score” – this is how the action of the Poles is assessed by British Sky Sports. “The victory ensured that Poland would remain in division A of the League of Nations,” we read.

“Poland deservedly led after an hour gameswhen the beautiful play of the captain allowed Świderski to shoot between Wayne Hennessey’s legs, which triggered a wild celebration among the fans in the stands “- assesses the BBC.” The moment of magic on the part of Lewandowski was a key play in the match at a relatively low level “- we read.

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