The atmosphere of a scandal after the Poland – France U-18 match. “Poles wanted to take revenge”

We saw unusual and scandalous pictures during the Sunday match of the Polish U18 national team with France. Our rivals organized a hunt for the legs of Polish players. They received as many as red cards! The referee interrupted the match in the 77th minute and the match was considered a walkover in favor of the Polish team. We asked for a comment from Wojciech Kobeszka, the selector of our team.

The atmosphere of a scandal after the Poland - France U-18 match.

The Polish U-18 team won the Limoges Tournament in France. Probably this information would have passed without much echo in the Polish media, if not for the circumstances surrounding the last clash between Poland and France. The match was interrupted in the 77th minute due to … four red cards for the hosts. It was supposed to be an ordinary friendly match, and it turned out to be a hunt for Poles’ legs.

“We left a lot of our hearts on the grass”

– It was the last match of this tournament. We won two games and so did the French, so it was a fight to win the whole tournament. We felt positive energy and motivation before this meeting. We were looking forward to it. The boys wanted to play a great game and get off the pitch with their heads held high. They left a lot of hearts on the turf. We had no influence on what happened in the 77th minute. However, we are glad that we won this match and the whole tournament – comments Wojciech Kobeszko, the coach of the Polish U-18 national team.

– We played hard and masculine, but we gave no reasons why this game should look like this. I am sorry that the number one topic is over-aggression by the French. I would like to focus on the sports aspects, because until the match was interrupted, we played very good competitions, we were leading 3: 2. I am proud of the attitude of my team – dhe says.

What caused the excessive aggression in this match? It is inconceivable that such things can happen in a youth friendly game. – This question should be asked of the French because we only got one yellow card in the second half, when there was a lot of nervousness on the pitch. We did not break before the French national team, we put up resistance and perhaps the frustration of the opponents resulted from the fact that they could not do anything. Their nerves let go and we watched unpleasant pictures during this match – Kobeszko noticed.

The most unpleasant picture was the situation from the 77th minute, when one of the French committed a very brutal foul. The video with his entry is circulating on the net and is the main evidence that our rivals were out in this game. It was a very dangerous entry by a French. Sometimes the ball is also such that it makes someone nervous. And something like this happens. The most important thing is that nothing more serious happened to our player – underlines.

According to the rules that usually prevail in league games, this match could be continued. Because you can play seven. However, there were slightly different rules that took into account the situation that the game could be abandoned after the fourth red card for one team. However, would the coach of the Polish national team be in favor of continuing this meeting? But is it a good thing that this slaughter ended earlier?

We wanted to keep playing. This last ascent was very brutal, but the previous situations were different. The referee threw three players from the field for two yellow cards. If it was possible, we would have continued this match. There was no shortage of emotions due to the course of the meeting. Earlier, I had not noticed any situations that would indicate that something bad is about to happen here. There was a fight on our part, but no malice.

The French coach accuses the Poles of provocation

Are our players safe and sound after this brutal match? – We played three games in quick succession. The boys are battered and tired of the tournament, but no one has suffered any serious injuries. The medical staff looked closely at our players and luckily everything is fine – assures Wojciech Kobeszko, the selector of the Polish U-18 national team.

Bernard Diomede, the coach of the French U-18 national team also expressed his opinion on this match and he believes that it was the Poles who provoked all the confusion and we made this match look like it looked like:– For two days we felt the tension around this meeting, because of course Poland did not digest the 1: 6 defeat to the Euro. They were going to get revenge. This was immediately confirmed by provocations, attacks and words that we shouldn’t hear. It was no longer a friendly match.

Kobeszko counters and replies to Diomede: – I’m sorry to hear such things. I was not at the U-17 European Championships. I had nothing to avenge myself for, some of the guys were also new, so I don’t fully understand and don’t know what the Diomede coach is talking about. We focused on the sports aspect. Everyone explains in their own way. I can’t understand the interpretation of the France national team coach. I didn’t notice that we provoked our opponents in any way before or during the match. There was a great holiday atmosphere on the pitch, because we were playing for the first place in the tournament.

However, Diomede did not hide his disappointment with the attitude of his boys, he emphasized in his statements that his players behaved badly during this meeting and he would take serious consequences: – We had a rollover of yellow cards, not all of them deserved in my opinion, which led to three red cards. The last red card is indisputable, it was unacceptable and the boy knows it. As an educator, I will do my job. What has happened cannot repeat itself. This has to change in the next meeting. Some may never return to the France team. They have to understand it. Others had a good attitude, trying to calm the situation. We will do our best to analyze coldly who has behaved well and who has behaved badly. As a coach, I will punish players who deserve it.


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