The Athletic: Talks on the Casemiro transfer move forward

Ornstein in his article on the situation says that Casemiro’s transfer is moving forward, and the Brazilian himself gave positive signals that he had accepted the English offer. The Red Devils are offering him to become one of the top earning players on the team. An agreement has yet to be reached with the 30-year-old and the Kings, but talks are expected to move forward. The journalist emphasizes that if Manchester United did not believe in the success of this operation, he would not spend so much time and would not invest such funds.

In Spain, it is reported that Casemiro was offered a 5-year contract with around € 12 million net salary for the season, which is expected to almost double his current earnings. Ornstein comments that the amount is overstated, and United are offering the player a high salary, but with bonuses for performance and achievements.

The Red Devils are to value Casemiro’s character and professionalism and his level of play as a defensive midfielder. In turn, the Brazilian is to recognize the Premier League as a new challenge in his career. Importantly, in Manchester they also believe that adding Casemiro to the squad will allow them to unlock Fred’s full potential by moving him higher.

In Spain, the latest information is provided Relevothat sees Casemiro closer to United than ever. The Brazilian was to convey to his surroundings that he sees himself in Manchester, and the coaches of the Royal Clubs also send signals that the player will leave.

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