The Athletic: Borussia set an initial price for Bellingham

The Athletic points out that Bellingham’s departure from Borussia Dortmund last summer was simply impossible, despite the interest of many giants, because BVB already sold the second of its young stars, Erling Haaland, before the opening of the window. In the coming summer, the situation with the Englishman will be different, because the player will have two years of contract with Germany.

The portal emphasizes that apart from Liverpool, whom he has been linked with for almost a decade (this is no mistake, Bellingham visited Liverpool with his parents when he played for the Birmingham U-11 team), Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester are also showing strong interest. United and Chelsea. The fight for this transfer was about to begin, and Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola began to praise the midfielder in public.

Where is Borussia standing in this situation? Sebastian Kehl, BVB sports director, commented on the last match between Dortmund and Manchester City for BT Sportthat the midfielder is happy in Borussia and the club hopes to stay with the team for a long time. However, the activist added immediately that money was one aspect of the situation and it was obvious that the English could offer Bellingham much more money.

The Athletic claims that sources related to the most important BVB officials do not express their resignation in this matter and believe that they can keep the player also for the next years. The club from Dortmund will offer the player a new deal, but if Bellingham wishes to leave, Borussia is set to value him at 150 million euros. If someone could get him for that amount, the 19-year-old would be the most expensive English player in history.

Unlike Haaland, there is no departure clause in the midfielder’s contract because he never pressed it, believing that when it was time for a change the club concerned would simply pay BVB the expected price. The portal adds, however, that no one excludes that the above-mentioned amount will increase if the player plays a good World Cup.

Apart from that The Athletic in his article he describes Liverpool’s long, nearly 10-year history of interest in the midfield, pointing out that The Reds they will fight to the end to get the 19-year-old. In addition, he emphasizes that City, United and Chelsea were also interested in football in the past.

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In the night time Chiringuito journalist José Álvarez, today a program envoy to Barcelona and in the past a permanent reporter for La Sexty in Manchester, reported that during City’s last match against Dortmund, Citizens’ activists had made contact with Bellingham’s entourage who had flown to the meeting at Etihad. According to the Spaniard, the representatives of the Englishman emphasized that the midfielder does not close the door to the Manchester team, but at this point he puts Real Madrid in the first place and he will want to hear the Royal offer first.

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