The announcement of “Sasin’s tribute” bled the stock exchange. WIG20 lowest since the outbreak of the pandemic

WIG20 closed Monday with a loss of 1.69%, WIG fell by 1.86%, and the mWIG40 by 2.18%. The indices now amount to 1,433.08 points and 47,185.14 points, respectively. and 3597.78 points.

WIG20 at a level slightly exceeding 1433 points. means that this index fell to the lowest level since March 2020, when pandemic restrictions were introduced in Poland.

Then the bottom was recorded on March 12. The WIG20 was then 1,305.73. Over the following days, the index was trimming its losses, reaching the level of 1,409.08 points on March 16, and a day later – 1,401.29.

A level higher than today’s closing was recorded on March 18, 2020, and let us remind you that at that time a significant part of the economy was frozen and it was difficult to predict which sectors would be able to continue operating without any problems. On the same day, the government presented the details of the so-called PLN 212 million estimated at that time. anti-crisis shield.

On the other hand, the WIG at the level of 47 185.13 points. means that the index is at its lowest since November 2020.

“Danina Sasina”

Announced tax on extraordinary profits, already baptized as “Sasin’s tribute” assumes that companies will have to pay a tax of 50%. on this part of the profit for 2022which exceeds their average gross margin for 2018, 2019 and 2021. 2020 will not be included here due to the “pandemic nature” of this period.

The tax is to apply to enterprises employing on average more than 250 employees annually, which achieved an annual net turnover from the sale of goods, products and services and from financial operations exceeding the PLN equivalent of EUR 50 million.

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