The annexation of the occupied Ukrainian oblasts is “a gift for Putin’s birthday”, estimates the Ukrainian political scientist

On September 30, Moscow is to host the “ceremony of signing the agreements on the incorporation of new territories into Russia”, ie the occupied Ukrainian oblasts, where a pseudo-referenda was carried out. According to the well-known Ukrainian political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko, the “ceremony” is to be “a gift for the main beneficiary, Vladimir Putin,” who will celebrate his 70th birthday on October 7th.

According to Volodymyr Fesenko, the head of the Kiev Center for Political Research, there is little time until October 7th, which is why the “propaganda sabbath” was organized in a hurry.

“However, the holiday was spoiled, mobilization or – as it is called in Russia – ‘mogilization’ has ruined everything “- assesses Fesenko in an opinion posted on the website of the weekly” Nowoje Vreemia “. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

According to the political scientist, the “celebration” of the annexation of the new Ukrainian territories will be accompanied by “psychosis”.

“Psychosis resulting from mobilization. In some (Russians – ed.), Psychosis manifests itself as fleeing to a neighboring country or somewhere into the countryside. For others, they do not understand what will happen next, what to do, where to flee, how to hide from this war. Nuclear psychosis is also emerging in Russia. Putin may have scared the West in part with his nuclear blackmail, but most of all he has terrified his own citizens, who are already seriously afraid of nuclear war, “stresses Fesenko.

The Russians took to the streets after Putin's decision

The Russians took to the streets after Putin’s decision Reuters

Propaganda overtones

As the head of the Kiev Center for Political Research states, “the annexation of Ukrainian territories has a propaganda overtone, it is supposed to calm down and please the war party and, of course, Putin himself”.

“But at the same time it is a way to intimidate the West and force it to put pressure on Kyiv to agree to Russia’s peace terms. According to some reports, there are even dates: November 15, before G20 summit in Bali, Kyiv should be forced to negotiate peace on Russian terms, “writes the political scientist.

The author of the analysis states that – as in the case of other Russian plans – “most likely nothing will come of it, because Putin, both before and now, is inadequately assessing the situation in Ukraine and the reaction of the West itself. ”

The war will enter a new phase

“Therefore, it is likely that the main political consequence of this whole annexation-related propaganda coven will be that the war will enter a new phase. The war will become more uncompromising, any negotiations and peace agreements will not be possible. President. Volodymyr Zelensky he has already warned everyone against this, both Russian leaders and Western partners, “recalls the author.

According to Fesenka, Putin for the time being “only threatens with the threat of using nuclear weapons”. “It will solve its military and political tasks with the use of military means, conventional weapons and, of course, mobilization,” Fesenko says.

As he writes, “Putin wants to take revenge.” “This is an attempt at political retaliation for the disasters in Ukraine, in particular for the failures in the Kharkiv region,” he adds. “Putin, however, will face new military disasters, and political revenge will not play any role” – sums up the political scientist.

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