The Americans (perhaps) are supplying Ukraine with weapons. They don’t talk about it in public

Two days later, Yahoo! The news published an article arguing that the recent attacks on Russian targets in Crimea were not the result of commandos carrying explosives, as Ukraine suggests. Instead, Yahoo said, the blasts were the result of long-range missile strikes. Former US Special Forces Michael Weiss and James Rushton noted that Ukraine does not have rockets with a range that would allow it to attack the Saki airbase in the Crimea – at least not with the missiles that America and its partners publicly say were released.

According to Weiss and Rushton, one possibility is that the US secretly sent the ATACMS tactical missile system to Ukraine. If this is true, it would be contrary to what the administration says publicly. In July, national security advisor Jake Sullivan said at the Aspen Security Forum that sending these missiles would provoke Russia even more and potentially spark World War III.

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Perhaps it is not ATACMS. Two people familiar with the topic told us today that the US has turned on Excalibur precision guided ammunition to the August 19 weapons package, although the administration did not announce it publicly. Moreover, a document that the administration sent to lawmakers on Friday that we saw lists what was included in the latest $ 775 million package, noting that what goes to Ukraine is not “limited” to what is listed in the notification.

We admit that these are all speculations. No government official has confirmed or even suggested that secret shipments of weapons are being sent to Ukraine. Even if it were so, there is no chance that he would share such a decision with us. However, if the secret weapon theory is true, some experts support a calmer approach. – It is gratifying that the administration seems to be talking less and doing more about the transfer of weapons. This is good because it gives the Russians some uncertainty, says Tom Karako from the CSIS think tank in Washington.

The whispers that the United States is giving Ukraine more than it allows are only growing. We’ll be doing it to see if it’s gossip or if it’s actually something.

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