The American left his homeland and fraternized with Russia! Shameful tattoo with the letter “Z”

51-year-old now, the former warrior has a black belt in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In 2008 he won the world grappling championship in Lucerne. He was also a two-time world champion of the ADCC organization (Abu Dhabi Combat Club). He has performed, among others, in the most famous MMA federation in the world – UFC.

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The American took Russian citizenship. Now shocking with the “Z” tattoo

In In 2013, Monson declared his will to accept Russian citizenship. As he said, he feels he has a “Russian spirit”. In 2016, he received the citizenship of the Luhansk People’s Republic – recognized by Russia as an integral part of its territory, but formally belonging to Ukraine. After another two years he got a Russian passport and became a councilor of the city of Krasnogorsk. In order to take office, he had to eventually to renounce his American citizenship, which he did. As you can easily guess, it has thus become an important element of Russian propaganda.


Since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, he has openly supported the action Vladimir Putin. “I have friends in Europe who say that Russia is an aggressor that attacks Ukraine. This is nonsense. It is only trying to help the people of Donbas and free this country from Nazism and fascism,” he said right after the outbreak of the war.

Now, however, he has gone a step further. In an interview with the Russian media, he praised the new tattoo. A “Z” sign appeared on his neck, which are the troops of the aggressor. As he stated, his gesture is a sign of support for the people from the turbulent lands.

– I had many good friends who died in Donetsk. They have been under constant fire for eight years. How can I not support Russia? – commented, quoted by “”.

I made a tattoo in solidarity with the people of Donbas and eastern Ukrainewho defended their independence and now held a referendum to become part of Russia, he added. He also stated that when he was recently in the war-torn areas, he “cried when he saw their suffering”.

Monson also complained that in social networks there was no shortage of “attacks” on him by people from Ukraine, Europe and the USA. – They ask: are you crazy? – he confided.


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