The American actress gave up the fight for her daughter. She says why she did it

Some time ago the actress admitted to having problems with drugsthat ruined her life. She was not able to look after a few-year-old daughter, so she signed documents restricting parental authority. Nevertheless, Panettiere felt deceived by Kaya’s father and that she did not want to give up partial care of the child.

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– If Klitschko he came to me and said: Because of where you are now and your problems, it would be better if [Kaya] she will stay with me for a while, “that would be enough. I would probably say that she is right and I understand. I will visit her and so on,” she said in the program “Red Table Talk”.

Further, the 32-year-old suggested that the Ukrainian boxer took advantage of the situation in which he found himself and ensured himself full custody of the child. “How it was done was very disturbing,” she continued. “I mean, signing broke my heart, it’s the worst thing I’ve had to do in my life,” she explained.

Initially, Hayden thought she would take care of Kaya to some extent, but this proved impossible. – I had to work on myself. I had to recover and assumed that when I was successful, I would spend some time with my daughter. But it never happened, she added.

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, information appeared that the actress’s daughter was in danger. Fortunately, her father managed to get her out of Kiev on time. Panettiere stood firmly on the side of the Ukrainians and began collecting money to support them in the fight.

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