The all-time record for daily sales on Allegro was broken

The all-time record for daily sales on Allegro was broken

The all-time record for daily sales on Allegro was broken

For several years, we have been loving online shopping more and more. That’s why half of us bought Christmas presents for loved ones, friends and family online.

As the data of Allegro, the most popular shopping platform in Poland, show, the week of December 12-18 was full of shopping records. At that time, the Allegro home page was visited by over 720 people per minute. The largest increase in orders was recorded on Monday, December 12 – this day turned out to be the undisputed leader in terms of sales value, not only this year, but in the entire history of the platform!

Gift hits

What were our favorite gifts? Practical. We were looking not only for gifts that could be useful to our loved ones, but also for items that would help in pre-Christmas preparations. The absolute sales hits in the week of December 12-18 were the robotic vacuum cleaner and the cleaning robot. So it seems that this year we focused on comfort and … a clean floor.

The all-time record for daily sales on Allegro was broken

Online shopping is changing our habits – we are most likely to buy in the morning or in the evening, when the children are already asleep

Small household appliances turned out to be the category with the largest increase in sales year on year. We also eagerly bought game consoles: the set with the Nintendo Switch console and headphones was the third most frequently purchased item, and the Xbox Series X was also in the lead. Among the sales hits, there was also something for the youngest: here the Hot Wheels set with a parking lot was the leader. Interestingly, we were more likely to reach for bricks than in previous holidays – this is a category that is characterized by the second largest increase in sales compared to 2021.

Time for shopping

When during the day did we hunt for our dream products? We usually sat down to place orders twice a day: around 11 am, i.e. during the second breakfast at work, and already in the evening, around 9 pm. Then we looked at offers with products for children much more often. We were clearly looking for gifts for our little ones while they were asleep so they wouldn’t find out who’s “Santa” in the house.

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